Community Partners

CGAA seeks to remove barriers and provide students with resources and contacts that will help them on their path to graduation and life outside of high school. In an ever changing fast paced society, it is critical to equip students with valuable resources. Therefore, members of the community are invited to speak to our students on a weekly basis providing them with knowledge and information that will serve them positively in their lives today, as well as x after they graduate. Our guest speakers include representatives from local colleges, businesses, social service agencies and motivational speakers. Below are just a few of the partners that present on a regular basis to our students.


  • Harrison College
  • ITT Tech
  • Ivy Tech
  • Kaplan College
  • Sullivan University


  • Huntington Bank
  • Realtor Community

Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County

  • Finance 101
  • Nutritional Wellness; QuitNow Smoking Cessation

Motivational Speakers

  • Pat Norton, EMT/Firefighter – Choices and Consequences

  • Blue Heron – Team Building
  • Child Support Bureau – Child support issues and parent legal issues
  • Gleaners Food Bank – Hunger in Indiana
  • Indiana Search and Recovery
  • Johnson Co. Humane Society – Animal rescue and care
  • Kids Against Hunger – Hunger in Indiana and the world
  • Midwest Food Bank – Hunger in the USA
  • Turning Point – Healthy Relationships